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Tim and Deri-Anne Wyatt the owners and growers of Angelica Organic Farm welcome you to this website and online garlic shop. 

Through our website,we aim to share with you our life on the land (sometimes intermittently!!) running our diverse, organic market farm/smallholding in the heart of Central Victoria's foodie provinces (10 mins from Daylesford). Angelica Organic Farm is an expression of our passion for high quality, seasonal foods, naturally grown largely by hand, many heirloom varieties, grown with love and bursting with flavour. We feel it is vital for all people to reconnect with where their food comes from, how to prepare it, how it is grown and the producers growing it!

We hope to inspire and inform you about biologically grown, (very) seasonal produce, enjoyment of real food, sustainable food production and other related topics.

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Go organic for you & your family
  • Food grown in season, under natural conditions is at it's peak, tastes better & is likely more nutritious naturally.
  • Its NOT genetically modified (GM) - GM food technology is untested for effects on human health. 
  • Produced without toxic chemicals - No synthetic &/or petrochemical-based fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. No antibiotics, antimicrobials, hormones or other growth promotants. 
  • Certified Organic is your guarantee that you get what you are paying for (i.e. genuinely organic), that the food IS grown to the ethical & health standards you are expecting.
Go organic for the earth (& so for you!): Organic & biological food production is a form of regenerative & therefore truly sustainable farming, one which uses NO synthetic chemical inputs. It is more than the absence of chemically driven, monoculture, 'factory' farming. It promotes healthy, biodiverse ecosystems (i.e. natural genetic variety), true seasonality, premium animal welfare, healthy waterways & water conservation, essential soil microbe & topsoil regeneration.

In your lifetime you will consume over 100 tonnes of food & drink...SO 3 times per day you get to vote with your consumer dollar via your food choices as to what bearing YOU have on the health of the environment, the animals, yourself & your loved ones. Vote with your wallet & your fork for responsible agriculture!


Proudly 2014 Medallist, 2015, 2012 & 2013 Finalists for GARLIC in the national ABC delicious Produce Awards
  Royal Agricultural Show Victoria's Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 
2015 - Silver Medal - Hard Neck Garlic  * 2014 - Bronze Medal - Hard Neck Garlic

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Vale Billy - Farm and Family Dog Extraordinaire

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Garlic Harvest 2015 and Season's Greetings

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Greetings organic eater friends!

Hope you are all enjoying, if not at least smoothly surviving, the 2015 'silly season'?? 

So, it's just past garlic harvest time again - i.e. late spring 2015... & my last post was end of winter 2014! Time flies while you're living the dream :-)

Other than more regular general 'farm happenings' updates, I have so many plans for so many topical posts regarding mindful food choices, food politics, local seasonal food production & more but alas running a small holding veg farm so far requires no less weekly working hours as each year rolls by (AND we are going in to our 10th year now!!!). The immediacy demanded by the farm in earning our living, its associated time sensitivity in dealing daily with living things, is unavoidable & mostly dictated by our locale's expressions of nature (think "4 seasons in 1 week" sometimes) & the variables/impacts we work with to produce vegetables as consistently as we can throughout the year. 

I thought I would at least at this point 'kick off' my re-connection with the blog with a bit of a visual of this year's garlic crop journey to date, including the harvest which occurred recently over Nov 24 & 25. I have attempted to write this to you several times in the last 2 weeks! 

The bulbs are immediately bunched by their stalks & hung in the shed to cure (skins dry)& to absorb the last nutrients from their stalks. Usually they are left to cure for around 2 weeks or so (depends how much humidity we get mainly).  Then, we will cut off the stalks, trim & clean them up (by hand using toothbrushes - for real!) before they are ready for sale via the online shop.  Remember good garlic lovers, the bulbs need to be well cured & dry before they can be safely posted as online shop orders.

Although a smaller crop than usual (intentionally) , the majority of the bulbs are again in the medium size range & a great size for culinary use. We didn't plant as much in autumn again, as we are now trying to build up our planting stock entirely from our own planting cloves without buying in from elsewhere.

Please imagine this pic rotated clockwise 1/'s of the garlic hanging & for the life of me I can't get it to upload the right way around or to edit it!! 

We have just begun cleaning some of them up, starting with the ones we retain the stalks on so I can make our limited edition of pretty wee grappes for our pre-Christmas farmers' markets (sorry too complicated to send them via post for online orders - have tried it!).   

The online garlic shop will open in the first week of January (after we get all the public holidays out of the way!) to start taking orders & to then begin dispatching orders the following Monday/Tuesday (Jan 11-12). 

Meanwhile...local garlic lovers can purchase from us at our Melbourne farmers' markets or by appointment from the farm gate (possible Mon-Fri only) from now until all sold out! 

Wishing you all a wonderful & safe Christmas 2015 & a brilliant, rewarding & healthy 2016!!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support & custom over the past decade! Farming may be hard work but it sure is a privilege to grow amazing produce for amazing & appreciative people xoxo 

An Update Snapshot - Winter 2014 and Garlic Medals

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello dear Readers & supporters of us/our farm, organic, ethical food growing of all kinds!

Suddenly we find ourselves hurtling through winter and towards the last few weeks of our produce season for a few months until new crops are ready, when we get some warmth and consistent, gutsy sunlight hours back again...

Behold - a melange of our local winter weather aesthetic of the past few weeks (incl. fog, wind, mostly grey, drizzle & rain, snow, the odd heavy frost followed by a stunning clear sunny day...)








And yep, it's also been another dearth of blog posts by me over the bulk of the season - forgive me? : )

It's been another big year for us farm-wise...and another 'mixed bag' (freak weather events, crop wins & losses, staffing ups & downs, equipment failure/damage but then upgrade with other items)...'that is', indeed, 'farming' as peeps like to say :) . 

Polytunnel mayhem...our largest (3 bay) & most recent polytunnel addition (summer 2013) was virtually destroyed by a freak 24 hour gale force wind event in January - probably not viable to fix - very costly hassle!

The gale force 'cluster f#*%' Monday-Tuesday in January was soon followed by a 5 day heatwave (all days around 40degC or above) and several weeks of temp peaks and lows between 40degC & 18degC (approx)...that's very tough on veg plants, so we lost a few crops and lots of sleep through that, saved others and more or less 'escaped' with our sanity intact (people might debate that point?). We managed to keep on truckin' each week, attending all but 1 farmers' market (the 1 after  'cluster f#*%' Monday-Tuesday) and pleasing our customers and ourselves with some excellent produce despite it all!

We continue to produce great quality crops and gradually more of them (volume & variety for more months), become more experienced and seasoned year to year along our "zero generation" farming journey (i.e. no inherited farm, no farming family background - just us, 9 years in!) and for all the growing confidence and skills we accomplish, it seems we have chosen a long term (eternally?) steep learning curve trajectory! Pros & cons in that scenario obviously, but our passion for the land, producing wonderful food, selling that directly to the majority of our customers face-to-face does not dwindle. If we're honest, it is a tough gig much of the time and there are far easier ways to simply earn a living for sure - but our hearts are in this, both as a thing to do day to day (most days!) and for all the other reasons we do it (food security/sovereignty/ethics/love of quality produce/food fairness e.t.c.). We have indeed invested a lot in many ways over the past 9 years.

Much to our pleasure and gratitude, our lovely garlic has won more medals this year...a RASV 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards Bronze Medal (hard neck garlic) & another ABC delicious Produce Awards Gold Medal (From The Earth Primary Produce - Hard Neck Garlic)

Gold Medal (From The Earth Primary Produce - Hard Neck Garlic)

So from here, we will attend all of our August farmers' markets, then 'defrag and reboot' over our annual leave for a few weeks, then 'reload' on-farm with new season crops and hopefully (weather gods willing?) be back at markets by end of Sept (Slow Food FM Sept 27) & the inaugural Carlton P.S. FM 4 October on wards and hopefully supplying restaurants again from November. Onwards and upwards from there for what we hope is a stellar, abundant year!

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We'll be back approx mid Nov
Carlton (Primary School ) F.M.
1st Sat./Mo. 8am-1pm 

Collingwood Childrens' Farm
2nd Sat./Mo., 8am-1pm 

Hawthorn's Boroondara F.M. 
3rd Sat. & 5th Sat/mo. 8am-1pm

Slow Food F.M, Abbotsford Convent
4th Sat./Mo., 8am-1pm 


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N.B.: We do NOT take wholesale orders AND are NOT able to supply bulk or 'cheap' planting garlic orders.

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 by appointment Friday afternoons 

Call Tim on 0438 482 738 to arrange produce sales or other farm appointments. When open, Friday arvos are best for produce sales - Thanks.                  

Restaurants & Provedores who love our produce (among others!)

The Argus Dining Room
The Village Larder
The Grande Hotel 
Pope Joan
Mo Vida Aqui